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Starting a Soul-led Business: 101

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Starting a business was the best decision of my life. Around early 2017 (January to be exact) I knew I couldn’t do the 9-5 grind 40 hours a week until I could retire. I was bored as hell at my job and was craving more adventure in my life.

While I love the structure a 9-5 provides, I also love freedom. Having my own business allows me to create the structure that works for me to create the freedom I crave in my life so I can have more adventures, be more present to the moment, live out my soul’s purpose, and guide my children on a more spiritual path where they learn they get to make their choices in life .

My life was never meant to be ordinary or mundane.

When the craving hit to start my own business I did research for MONTHS, actually almost an entire year. I started a parenting blog, did digital marketing, social media marketer, YouTube videos, virtual assistant work, and sooo much more, but none of it really called to me as much as I had hoped. What I decided to do instead has been the biggest catalyst in creating a life that aligns to me and all I desire.

It took me awhile to figure out that my side ventures that didn’t quite work out(because my heart wasn’t in it) were actually some of the things I needed to learn to build a sustainable business. I mean learning all about social media marketing, creating YouTube videos, blogging, and virtual assistant work has built my knowledge immensely in what I needed to build my current business to where I am.

In fact, everything I’ve learned has brought me right where I am and right where I need to be. But I wouldn’t have the knowledge I needed if I hadn’t taken certain steps to grow my knowledge both practically and spiritually. So I decided to compile a list of all the courses, programs, people, groups, and anything else that feels relevant so you can have some insight as to what it takes to truly build a soul inspire, purpose filled business.

start a business tools & resource guide


Over the past 2 years I’ve taken plenty of courses to gain the necessary knowledge to bring my business right where I want it to be. Some of these courses have been DIY to be completed at my own pace and others have been more one on one/group type courses. All have been massively beneficial to my growth. Here is a list of the paid courses I’ve taken and the people I’ve worked with over the past 2 years.

1. Pinterest for Entrepreneurs:
I started this course in November 2018. Before I started Pinterest for Entrepreneurs I had 7 Pinterest followers with about 1k monthly views. Now, just a few short months later, I have about 19k monthly views on average and 35 followers. That’s in about three short months which is incredible growth! Not only has my stats and followers increased, but traffic to my website has gone up from almost no monthly views to around 400 views a month (it may not be much but that’s way more than the 100ish I was getting!).

Below is results from my Pinterest account in implements what was learning in Pinterest for Entrepreneurs.

January 2019
February 2019
February Pin Impressions

2. Your First 1K by Mariah Coz:
Your First 1K has been insanely helpful in allowing me to build my email list and create passive income courses (which is currently 30 Days to Clarify Your Life Purpose). Not only do I have a step by step guide to show me exactly how to build my email list & set up my course, but it also provides amazing tips on collaborating with others to build a business (*one of the most important pieces).

3. Attention Whore by Kelly Dunn Mahalak: Kelly is an amazingly talented Intuitive Business Mentor. She always has a kickass spirit full of drive, passion, and creativity.

I knew the moment she put out Attention Whore that is was the course to take. The main focus of this course is to step into your intuitive nature so you can create more sales within your business.

Ever since taking Attention Whore I don’t even question my intuition anymore. I simply let it guide me to my true north star so I can connect with others in a way that feels right to me which allows for immediate or future sales. Allowing my intuition to guide my business decisions means I get to trust where the universe leads me instead of questioning how something will work or if it’s the right choice. It also awakened me to my already highly intuitive nature. It allowed me to stop asking questions and just “do the damn thing” as Kelly likes to say.

4. Modern Priestess Academy by Errity Green: The Modern Priestess Academy was a group program that allowed for deep spiritual knowledge and growth. It brought awareness to all pieces of creating a successful business and leading a connected life. Although this program is not currently available Errity has many different ways to work with her.

Errity is filled with wisdom and knowledge of the cosmos. As a highly connected individual she is tuned in to exactly what your business needs and what you need within your life (as they are both very much connected). Working with Errity has allowed my to step deeper into my spiritual, mental, and physical growth as a person. Almost a year later and there’s no way I’m the same person.

She always offers a very unique, yet accurate perspective that ties very much to the reality we experience. It’s not just about living in a dreamy space. It’s about seeing where you are and what’s possible in the now. Her work is the perfect combination of spiritual & practical.

If you’d like to see what wisdom she has to offer visit her here:

5. Get Focused + Receive Clients by Liz Lockwood: A 1:1 and group program combined in one. Liz is a wonderful resource to help you remove your shell of comfort and step into the entrepreneurial world full force. Becoming visible is a difficult process for many people when stepping into the online business world. Her programs mainly focus on providing 1:1 guidance, teaching structure and a few systems to implement for business use, remain balanced, and find ways to become visible in a way that isn’t too far out of your comfort zone (it’s all about the small and consistent steps here).

Get to know Liz more and join here Facebook group here:

Other Learning Resources

1. Sidehustle Millionaire by Tony Whatley: This books provides all the details on how to build a side business that creates financial freedom. Tony didn’t leave out any details in this short & sweet book packed with knowledge, not fluff. You will find information on staying motivated, entrepreneurship, mindset, marketing, branding, and oh so much more. The only thing not included in Sidehustle Millionaire is the exact step by step layout, although, I would say it’s close enough.

Tony is a business mentor who helps others to get started with their business endeavors. As someone who became a millionaire pre-social media by building his own website for cars, he definitely has the drive and experience.

Find him at 365 Driven.

2. Reiki Healing Modality by Melissa-Natural Healer : In 2018 I was drawn to activate my individual healing knowledge in a more structure manner which lead me to learn Reiki. I was able to take the required courses and put in the required hours to become a certified Reiki Level II Practitioner. While I don’t actively work on others, it has provided a deeper understanding around the energies that surround me.

YouTube Channels:

YouTube? Seriously, YES! I have learned so much from listening to all of these people. Some provided actually spiritual knowledge and others provided inspiration. Check these people out and let me know what you think.

1. Infinite Waters

2. Wake Up Fulfilled

3. Tom Bilyeu

4. Evan Carmichael

5. Aaron Doughty

6. Jordan Pike

7. Broken Window Theory

Facebook Groups

While courses and books provided much of the knowledge I needed to build and sustain my business social media has also been a very important piece of the puzzle.

Below you will find a list of Facebook groups with links. I selected these groups based on how much drive the group creator has, how much knowledge & support they provide, and how friendly they are.

1. Motivated Mompreneurs

2. 365 Driven Entrepreneurs

3. Side Hustle Nation

4. The Resilient + Inspired Entrepreneur

5. The Woo Collective

6. SelfRevolution Hypnosis & Subconscious Reprogramming

In wrapping up this article I feel the need to point out a couple things.

One is that knowledge is key to building a business. If you are doing what gives you passion learning is just a small step in the creation of building your business and dream life.

The other part I want to point out is that building a business is not a solo operation. You need to be willing to connect, collaborate, and really establish relationships. As you will come to find out, collaboration and connection are key to building a sustainable business. We must all learn to support each other to create a successful business.

These courses, books, and people have had a major impact on my life. This is what building a soul-led business means.

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