moving through your shadows
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The time is now to look within and heal the parts of yourself that have long been calling to be healed.

This is what we refer to as your shadow work.

Shadow work is some of the deepest most profound and liberating work you can do for yourself. Shadow work returns you to yourself as you remember that your shadows make you whole. It is a part of the inner circle of your being.

If you’ve been called here it’s because you are ready to shift and heal, to love and accept, to learn and grow into your truest nature.

If you are ready to:

  • do the inner work
  • love and accept all parts of yourself, including the quirky or ‘negative’ parts
  • shift from a life that feels negative and unloving to one of acceptance and peace
  • shift from the 3D world of duality to the 5D world of manifestation

Then you are ready to start the Moving Through Your Shadows in 21 Days.

Explore the innermost depths of your psyche and learn practical, astoundingly effective techniques to heal yourself from the inside out.


By healing your shadows you allow yourself move into a new level of transcendence where the learning curve of life is lessened. This means manifesting a life that is more aligned to your goals & dreams with much more ease. It means, releasing karmic debt so your soul can move forward. Most importantly, it means accepting yourself and loving yourself fully so you can love and accept those around you.

Moving Through Your Shadows in 21 Days is your most transformative work yet!

This is a simple, self-paced 2 day video & 21 day guided journal that allows you to dive right into the deepest parts of yourself.

You will learn:

  • the background & purpose of shadow work
  • the key pieces that allow you to heal your traumas so you can step forward in life full force
  • how shadow work is meant to help you
  • the importance of shadow work in a world that wants to push all negative emotions away
  • how to accept your shadow side & reconnect to your true, divine self
  • exercises that allow you to move through your shadows with ease(although it may not feel easy at first)
  • and how be guided daily with a 21 day journal with questions to help you understand what is really holding you back so you can move through your shadows with ease & grace to truly live a life that calls to your soul

In addition to the webinar you will also receive a 21 day journal with daily prompts to guide you in moving through your trauma’s. You must be committed to working through this journal each day as a tool for creating the change you desire and moving your life forward in a way that truly calls to your soul.

By the end of this course you can expect to:

  • be aware of your shadows
  • accept your shadows
  • have the tools to heal your shadows
  • feel more peace and ease in your life

You are here not to just experience pain, doubt, frustration, and any other trauma you’ve been through. You are here to experience joy, bliss, forgiveness, peace, love, and unlock your power! YOU are the catalyst to your growth.

Click ‘BUY NOW’ below to make your purchase & be sure to leave an email link to receive access to your webinar & journal.

Cost is just $33!

VIP Shadow Work Guidance Session

If you’re interested in a little extra guidance upgrade here to receive 2 1:1 guided shadow work sessions where we will deep dive together to move through your traumas, patterns, and beliefs so you can create the life you envision.

Total cost which includes the above course and 2 1:1 sessions is $313.

I am here to guide you in the most loving of ways, but also help you to reframe your mindset & perspectives so you can move forward in grace. We will cut to the core of your behaviors, patterns, stories, thoughts, and overall beliefs so you can move through layers of healing with a renewed sense of freedom. You are worthy, you are loved, you are perfect!

If you have questions on anything feel free to message me at

*Disclaimer: Although I have an Associates in Psychology I am NOT licensed within the mental health industry and do not claim that my services or products are meant to replace a professional. If you are in need of deeper guidance please reach out to a professional who may be able to better assist you. I only want the best for you!