moon manifesting
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Are you interested in learning to manifest with the moon?

The moon has 8 cycles every month: new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, gibbous, full moon, disseminating, third quarter, and balsamic.  Each phase walks you through different stages of implementing the goals & intentions you have set to manifest your specific dreams.

By learning to manifest with the moon you are able to break down your goals into manageable pieces that are carried out with each specific phase of the moon cycle. What a beautiful way to connect!

In working with the magic of the moon you are tapping into the divine guidance of the Universe. You are truly co-creating beyond this 3D world.

What can learning to manifest with the moon help you with?

  • determining your goals & dreams
  • gain clarity on your goals & dreams
  • live out your goals & dreams by creating a plan of action
  • learn to move with the phases & cycles of the moon so you are aware of when the best time is to take action and when the best time is to rest
  • create balance in your life
  • manifest with the magic of the moon (yes, there’s a bit of magic involved)
  • taking continual steps in creating your dream life while feeling more ease & flow in knowing that you are co-creating with the Universe

If this is something you feel drawn and compelled to learn about it’s the perfect time to sign up for my 2 day masterclass: Manifest with the Moon.

Day 1 is all about learning to manifest your goals based on each moon cycle.
Day 2 is all about learning rituals and routines associated with the moon cycles.

Cost is just $33!
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Click the payment link to receive your link to both pre-recorded masterclass videos that you will have access to for life.