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How to Make Money Online…the Spiritual Way

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Are you ready to make money online…the spiritual way?

You’ve been feeling the call to create your soul-inspired, soul-led business, but you may not feel entirely sure on where to start. The fact that you’re here means your soul has led you in the right direction.

Starting a business involves many different steps in both the physical and mental aspects of your life. Most importantly, creating a business from your soul should be the first step. Beyond this step there are other keys pieces to remember when creating your soul-inspired business.

If you know you want to start a business, but feel unsure as to what it is or if you are coming from your soul visit here to get my 3 Day FREE Masterclass on how to Step into Your Purpose(or just scroll to the bottom of this page). Just be sure to read the rest of this article first.

So let’s get started.

How to Create Money Online (the spiritual way).

1.Tune into Your Purpose
The best way to tune into your purpose is all in the way you serve others. Serving/service is a part of every business. I mean, what business can you go to where serving others isn’t the main theme? People don’t necessarily want to buy from you, they want to receive your help and guidance.

Serving allows you to connect & understand the best way to help others which eventually leads to your money makers. Because when you know how to serve others & what they want then you also know what they’d be more than happy to buy.


The next step to create money & passive income with your business is to focus on the value you provide. People have little to no desire to buy anything from you, but what they do desire is value and to feel as though you care. Create a deep connection and bound with those you wish to serve by providing immense value and creating an impact.

How do you provide value? Give it all away(I’m speaking solely knowledge here not products, but you can give freebie products away as a giveaway or for an email sign up if you’d like)! Yep, I said it. Give away the juiciest pieces you have, because when you’re willing to lay it all out people will flock to you. Providing truly valuable pieces of knowledge allows people to trust you. They don’t feel like they are a part of a scheme. They feel like you actually care(and you should!).

3. Be authentic

What do I mean when I say be authentic? Show up as YOUR DAMN SELF. Not as someone you follow. Not as someone you think others will like. Show up as you!

When you show up as yourself you effortlessly create your own brand. You are branded with YOUR unique quirks and statements and gestures. People want to know you for you, so show up as the person you really are.

If you’re afraid no one will like you and feel it’s time to face some fears, feel free to check out my post on shadow work to help you move through your fears and doubts.

4.Limit Your Focus

Limit your focus to building your business in just a few key areas. You don’t want to be doing a bunch of different things with the mindset that one of them will work if you just try them all. Tap into your soul here. Feel into a maximum of three areas(if you’re new) or the areas you see the most return(if you’re established). By doing this you can maximize your time and effort so you can create a bigger impact and not dwindle your creative flow. Afterall, you don’t want to burn out on your passion(Yes, this is possible. At least for a little while).

When you decide to put your focus into a few key areas you are able build momentum and master what you are learning so you can spread your knowledge to connect with others even more.

So now that we’ve gone over the main points where does making money online come in?

Contrary to the purpose for how many choose to start their business, money should NEVER be the main focus. The purpose of your life is to create with your soul. When you come from a place of lack and that you’re only here to simply survive you cut the divine out of the picture entirely.  This point does not come from a place of judgement, but a place of pure love to help you better align to what is most important to you. Trust me, I’ve been on the journey of creating from a place of lack, and now am creating from a place of abundance. Choosing money over your soul leads to more pain and rarely more abundance. You must choose what really calls to you.

If you enjoyed this article check out my newest YouTube video with a similar theme: How to Make Money Online…the Spiritual Way.

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