Derealization or a Spiritual Awakening?

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Are you Experiencing Derealization or a Spiritual Awakening?

If you’ve gone through derealization, a spiritual awakening, or feel you have or do experience both you may be wondering if what has been diagnosed as derealization is actually just a part of your spiritual awakening process.

While I’m not going to disregard your diagnosis completely, if you were drawn here it’s because something deep within you is saying, “YES, this is my spiritual awakening!”

Let’s talk about derealization a little more.

Derealization is a profound sensation of feeling disconnected from your body and this reality. You no longer feel a physical connection and may even struggle to believe that what you are experiencing is actual, true reality. This can cause deep pain, suffering, and confusion as you learn to navigate this new area.

Derealization often occurs as a way for our body to disengage from trauma so we don’t have to consciously remember the experience and it doesn’t affect our normal daily life as often (there are times when the memory will be triggered & trauma will be expressed, but the overall effect of the event will be lessened by derealization).

Seeing derealization as a form of spiritual awakening my seem a little off considering that when we awaken we are remembering. Thing is, the spiritual awakening process is different for us all. Often times awakening is painful, but this pain is what also reminds us of our most enlightened nature. Sometimes we must go through the most painful experiences to obtain the most beautiful experiences. It could be related to the experience of childbirth. Although the pain is almost unbearable it brings about a beautiful child and the deepest of bonds.

While derealization and a spiritual awakening may seem different, there’s no doubt that there are many things that tie the two together.

1.Reality is an Illusion

Derealization and a spiritual awakening occurs when begin to see a difference between the illusion of this reality & the hologram we’ve made it and our true divinity.

In both we learn that this reality is an illusion. With derealization you are just experiencing the separation more intensely and vividly than the average person. This is because you have your own unique gifts.

2. Portal to Your Gifts

The awakening process is a portal to your gifts just as derealization can be. Being able to separate your conscious mind from your physical body can mean a multitude of things. You may be a traveler of many sorts. Hone in on this gift and ask yourself, what it is showing you?

3. Starseed Awakening

As a traveler you are having a sort of starseed awakening & can feel the disconnect between this physical body & the other parts of your soul. Your physical body may feel too dense to travel with out of this reality so your go to may be to experience derealization.

Trust that this process is showing you something very important!

What can you take away from this overall experience?

The key to any suffering you experience whether this be through derealization or something else is to remember that we are here to allow ourselves to experience, learn, remember, and stay ground within the realm of the reality we are currently experiencing. Yes you came here for a reason!

I believe that reason is because we choose to be here to assist with the ascension process. We are here to establish a divine connection creating the bridge between the spiritual world and the material world.

You are a part of this process!

*If you are having suicidal thoughts please reach out to someone who can assist and guide you in releasing the suffering so you can return to love. Please do not ignore your calls for help!

If you enjoyed this article watch my YouTube video which is a little more in depth on this topic: Derealization or a Spiritual Awakening?

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