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Calming Your Child Through Meditation Music

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I wrote my first guest post the other day for Song Bugs, a website centered around helping children be involved in music from a young age. It was a delight writing this article and after getting permission to reuse it I decided to share it with you all. After all our children need some coaching and guidance in the right direction, as well.

In today’s busy world it is easy to feel a bit emotional, overwhelmed, and overpowered. Our children are no different. In fact, they feel it more then we, as parents, do. Their sensitive souls need time to be nourished, calmed, and centered.

The Perfect Tool…

Meditation music!

Music is a wonderful way to connect with our children. Music can be used to invoke joy, excitement, play, and even relaxation.

When my daughter turned 3, I decided to start incorporating meditation music into her nightly routine. Each night as she gets ready for bed I turn on some calm meditation music. This allows her body to understand it is time to relax and wind down.

Once we have brushed teeth, used the potty, and read a story I allow the music to play for the rest of the night. A sense of calm comes over her with ease, allowing her to fall asleep fast.

Due to the fact that meditation music helps to calm my daughter so much, I also use it when she is getting a little too wild and I need her to take her energy level down a notch, or even when she is upset. When upset, I allow her to sit in the corner with her meditation music playing. This brings balance back to her mind so she is able to center herself. Where she use to spend 15 minutes having a tantrum, she is now able to feel calm within a few minutes of the music playing.

The Benefits…

Studies indicate the benefits of playing music for purposes of relaxation. Calming music is an effective way to reduce sleep problem, such as, insomnia according to NCBI. UNR suggests listening to music as a way to reduce stress. These studies indicate that music has proved it’s worth in creating a more balanced persona.

What helped me determine to use meditation type music with my daughter was the fact that I suggest it to my coaching clients, as well. We all connect with music, and using music through meditation is no different. In fact, using music often allows people who feel they are unable to sit for 15-20 minutes of meditation to do so with ease. The tunes drown out all sense of time, promote relaxation, and help clear any thoughts. This is an essential part to centering yourself for self discovery.


Next time, your family is feeling a little out of sorts turn on some mellow tunes, allow yourself to let go, watch as your child does the same, take a deep breath, and release. Just feel the beats…

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