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Are You on the Right Path in Life?

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Ah, the classic question of are you on the right path or which path is the RIGHT path? (If you would prefer to watch the video version of this article with a little more depth just scroll to the bottom)

I want to tell you a little secret…there is no wrong path.

Yep, that’s right. I can sum up this entire article in just one sentence, but there are a couple of main points I’d like to provide you with just to give some additional insight.

How to Know if You are Actually on the Right Path?

1.Angel Numbers & Intuitive Guidance

Something I’ve noticed in every aligned decision I make is that I will see 1111 as I think of or make my transition. I love that my guides provide me with this sign just as an extra push to keep me going and help me feel truly supported. At times, I’ve noticed I will see 1111 on paths that contradict each other.

No, my guides are not trying to confuse me. What they are showing me is that as long as I am making decisions that feel right to me, feel in alignment, and I’m following my intuitive guidance then it IS the right choice even if it completely contradicts another choice.

2.All Paths Teach

Every path we take provides us with an insight. Some are insights as to what we need to learn and some are insights as to what truly calls to our soul.

If the path you choose ends up leading you to what feels like the wrong path learn to ask yourself what you’ve been needing to learn from the experience. Are you repeating patterns that need to be broken? Are you not following what calls to YOUR soul? Are you completely disregarding your intuition? There’s a lesson here.

Take some time to understand what that lesson is. Don’t get caught up in time. Time is an illusion. Your life is beautiful & magical, and you are moving through it at just the right pace.

If the path you choose leads to one miracle after another notice how you felt when making the decision to choose this path. You were leading with your heart and soul, not just your logical mind. You stepped into the fifth dimension which has allowed you to manifest your desires rapidly. Congrats! Continue choosing from this place and see how the magic in your life flows with ease.

“No One is Immune from the Human Conditon.”

Also realize that the human path is not a perfect or simple path. Part of being human means that we have struggles, even if we are manifesting with ease. Notice how even the millionaire has problems. No one is immune from the human condition.

Now you know, no matter your choice you are always on the right path. Enjoy your life for what it is as that is where the real miracles are.

If you enjoyed this article watch my YouTube video which is a little more in depth on this topic: Are You on the Right Path in Life?

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