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Have you finally AWAKENED to the calling of your soul only to discover that you still feel more lost than ever? You my friend have taken the first step into your calling by discovering what is NOT meant for you, and that is a bigger start than you may know.

You are meant for more, SO MUCH more. You are already aligning to the path that you are meant to take.

Allow me to help you get a little further, build your dream life and/or create more success in your business through learning to connect within, a.k.a do the inner work, and show you what is truly possible for you.

Interested in working together? Just scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more.


  • Discovering PERFECT CLARITY on your desires, passions, and purpose so you finally start your money making dream business
  • Having the FREEDOM to do anything you would like so you can travel the world or stay at home with your littles each and every day
  • Having time each day to have fun with your munchkins while still earning an income
  • Turn your passions into your purpose so you can be of service and make income while you guide, teach, share, and give of your unique gifts.
  • Having the CONFIDENCE to do anything you set your mind to so you can watch the clients, money, and BLISS flow in with ease.
  • Making decisions with ease so you are in flow with your intuition, a.k.a inner feeling system, and you can do what feels right for you
  • Move forward towards your goals and desires so you can do what you TRULY DESIRE, and not necessarily what you were taught you “should” do. You are a REBEL and a RENEGADE in true YOU fashion!
  • Create MORE golden opportunities, miraculous synchronicities, beautiful connections, soulmate clients, and monetary abundance. (hello intuition!)
  • Uplevel your business so you’re landing clients with ease, selling like a boss, and selling out programs
  • Creating balance between your family life and business life so you can thrive in all areas
  • Connecting with your spirit guides so you know you are moving in the right direction, and most importantly…
  • Creating a life that you are fully aligned with so you not only have the life you wanted but you FEEL good too

What to Expect

Over a 4, 8, or 12 week period you will work one-on-one with me to learn more in depth about who you are as a person, the steps(strategies & inner work) you will need to take to create your new life and business that you are fully aligned with, how to manifest your desires, how to be in intuitive alignment so you know you are making the right business choices, crush limiting beliefs to develop confidence and success, and how to continue to use the methods you are taught even after our work together is complete.

This program has been put in place to help you TRANSFORM and GROW into the truest version of yourself. Each week I will provide you will one-on-one support to help you move through your blocks and struggles so you can acknowledge what you already know deep inside you(gain access to your intuitive flow). I am here to help you move through this process, because when we begin and continue our growth process it is very helpful to have a facilitator remind us and guides us(that is me!!). In addition to our weekly guidance sessions where support and strategies are provided you will also receive a monthly masterclass to help you grow in other ways. Each masterclass will be decided based on your individual needs. This may include a master class around mastering your intuition, shadow work(addressing your dark thoughts), setting goals & learning to manifest them, and more. These masterclasses can be viewed at any time along the program and are meant to assist in your learning and growth.

Once the program is complete you will be living a life that you feel much more aligned with because instead of choosing from the mind you will be choosing from the soul. Your choices will be based on what is best for you and your soul.


1:1 Align Your Life Guidance Sessions are for you if:

  • You are ready to make an income from home so you can spend more time with your littles
  • You want to show your kids that the entrepreneur life is possible for anyone
  • You want to travel the world, and if you’re a momma, with your kids
  • You are ready to move into your awakening so you can create the impact you’ve always dreamed of
  • You are ready to live out your purpose so you can empower those around you
  • You are spending your days wondering if things will ever get better
  • You are feeling unfulfilled, unrewarded, or stuck in a never ending cycle of working a job that doesn’t serve you
  • You are feeling stressed from too much on your to-do list and you are ready to reprioritize
  • Are ready to tap into your intuitive flow to take things easy because the answers just come up when needed
  • You feel something is missing in life, but can’t quite figure out what it is or what to do about it
  • You crave a deeper connection to your life and the Universe
  • You desire to become the leader of your life
  • You want to give more to the world by sharing your gifts
  • You want to align with your best self in this moment
  • You recognize that NOW is the time to move towards your calling so you can have the freedom you deserve
  • You are ready to live your life in a way that is fully aligned with who you are
  • You are ready to experience more freedom to travel where ever whenever while making money doing what you love
  • You are ready to stop feeling stuck so you can move forward with the right strategies so you can have a dream business that makes you money too
  • You are ready to create balance between your business and family life so you can run a soul aligned business while creating a soul aligned family

align your life coach a life of dreamsHello, my name is Amanda,

I am an Intuitive Life Purpose Guide & Practical Woo Coach on a mission to help you pursue your passions in life through ease and flow in a way that is fully aligned with you.

Too many of us, myself included, live or have lived a life that is not in line with who we are as a person. We do what society tells us and never fully follow our hearts. My friend, this is wrong in so many ways. You were put on this earth to live out your passions and desires to the fullest. Where does your passion lay and how can you make it apart of your life? That is what we are here to discover!

Other Things About Me…

  • I have earned my Associate in Psychology
  • Learning about Psychology is what lead me to be interested in spiritual & personal development.
  • My spiritual journey has brought me to learn more on crystals, clearing energy, meditation, reiki, binaural beats,  energy music, hypnosis, angels/spirit guides, following intuition/gut feelings, and how our minds create our physical realities
  • I am a certified Level II Reiki Healer which I felt drawn to learn as a part of my coaching practice.

Before I stepped into my spiritual journey I felt lost. I have had many jobs over my life. You see, I didn’t take the straight and easy path, because I had denied myself the right path from the start. It took me years of learning different techniques and reconnecting with my spiritual path for me to learn what was actually right for myself. My goal is to help you start or further connect to the path you are most aligned with right now. It’s time to create the reality you’ve always envisioned!


In each weekly session I will provide you will one-on-one support to help you move through your blocks and struggles, but we will also go over strategies as they come up on how to move your business forward. Keep in mind that creating an aligned life and business is a process. Walking you through each step allows you to make space for the life and business that you have always dreamed of.

You will also get

  • 3 1:1 calls per month broken down into weekly calls(3 weeks on, 1 week off)
  • 1 Masterclass video each month
  • one oracle card reading each month
  • notation of each session with action steps as needed
  • support throughout the month
  • and more!

What RESULTS Can you Expect?

As long as you do the work, upon completion of this program you will be living a life that your are more aligned to.

One where you are living out your life purpose, doing the things that you desire, running your business with confidence, flow, and ease, trusting that the Universe is supporting you with inner knowledge and guidance through spirit, and be truly TRANSFORMED to the person you were always meant to be, living the life you were meant to life.

My Results Looked Like This:

  • I went from holding back what I had to say to having a lot more confidence so I could start my own successful business and talk to others with ease
  • I went from living in fear of lack to living in abundance in so many ways
  • I went from feeling stuck to feeling more in flow. I am now able to allow decisions to come to me at the right time instead of overthinking everything.
  • I went from yearning for something better to being excited for every day because now I get to live out my passion and know that anything is possible for me.
  • I went from massive debt to getting it all under control within just a few short months
  • I went from not having traveled anywhere in 3 years to traveling much more often
  • I went from working a full-time job where I had little time to spend with my kids to becoming a stay-at-home mom so we can create daily adventures together
  • I went from feeling overwhelmed daily in trying to take care of my kids, my business, and myself to creating a much better balance that includes my kids in the process

I know that each year will only continue to get better. If I can do this for myself, I know I can help you commit to your goals and dreams and move your life forward.

I used this exact program to go from a shy girl who desperately wanted to be living in her purpose, yet had no one idea where to start, to living out my purpose in being an Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide, knowing what the right answers are by tapping into my intuition and asking my spirit guides, feeling truly abundant, and having the ability to teach my kids all that I know every day.

It is my goal and mission to help as many people as possible to live out their dream life which is why I made my prices super affordable.

Even if you believe the price is a bit too much, would you rather have a life living in constant lack and fear or one where you dominant your world to have the life of your dreams:

  • traveling to exotic locations,
  • helping people from anywhere in the world,
  • supporting your family with ease.

All of this is possible. It’s time you allow it to be!

Client Love

coach a life of dreams“Amanda is such a kind & wonderful person. I had the pleasure of having a 45 minute video call with her to talk about my life purpose and I got so much from it (including a very interesting card reading).”

-Katie Sykes

“I had a call with her about my life purpose. Amanda is such a gentle soul with a coach a life of dreamsbeautiful smile that makes you feel good instantly. We had a quick meditation and an oracle card reading at the beginning which I absolutely loved!

-Ricarda Kunter

Total Cost is $444 per month.

*Payments are to be paid in full & to be paid before the first call. A payment plan can be set up if needed.

Visit my contact me page with any questions on this offer.

Ready to pay? Click here to be sent to paypal. At least one months payment must be made to start the program.

Interested? Great! Let’s Chat.

I look forward to being able to assist you! If you’d like to connect email me at amanda@coachalifeofdreams.com or visit my contact me page.