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Hello!soul purpose guide Amanda

Welcome! I’m Amanda, an Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide for those who are awakening  & are ready to step into to calling of their soul. I guide you in not only understanding your soul purpose & calling, but I also guide you to do the inner work so you are able to accept all parts of your nature & being.

Beautiful soul, I am so glad you are on this journey of awakening. If you are in need of guidance in moving through the process of this mind altering shift I am here to help.

Now I’d love for you to get to know me and what I’m all about a little better. 

I currently reside in the beautiful, quiet state of South Dakota. My dreams revolve around guiding all who feel called into their soul purpose, making true connections with others, creating a sustainable world, exploring the world, living a life connected to nature, and showing my children that anything is possible.

While I have big dreams, like we all do, I, too, became stuck in the everyday conundrum life of mediocrity. Working at a job that provided just enough, carting my kids around acting like barely seeing them is normal, feeling like a prisoner to the life I chose. Anyone else feel this way? If you do, I am sooo glad you decided to stop by. Let me tell you that living like a prisoner is NOT, I repeat, not normal in any way. We are meant to live our lives pursuing our passions. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to figure out what that passion is. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t figured it out yet. We all require different stages of learning, but we always get to where we need to go no matter how long it takes.

What made me realize that I am deeply passionate about helping other pursue their soul purpose is the fact that I have repeatedly guided to do so. Starting in high school I discovered I had a deep interest in Psychology. When I first attended college it was to pursue my Psychology degree, but I later decided to become a Veterinary Technician.

After becoming ill due to stress, I had to put an end to my job as a Veterinary Technician and bounced around from job to job for years after. I worked at a grocery store, a birthday party store, an optical center, a gas station, and most recently a bank. All within a 7 year time span.

After having my daughter I felt drawn aamanda intuitive soul puropse guidegain to really pursue my soul purpose, completed my Bachelor of Psychology, and began my initiation into spiritual learning & spiritual guidance for others. 

The past two years of my life I have dedicated extensively to my spiritual path. In doing so I have learned to dive in the spiritual realm full force to connect others with their soul purpose. I’ve connected with the depths of my shadows so I can understand where I’ve created resistance in my life or why I felt unloved & unworthy so I can guide you to understand the same. I’ve gone from being intensely shy, quiet, and introverted to open to connecting with other. I have opened up my world to see that the spiritual path is the path that was always necessary for me to help/guide/connect with you in the way I’ve always been meant to. It’s how not only my world changes, but the world around us changes to.

How can I help?

I currently provide support through my 1:1 Soul Guidance Readings & Shadow Work Sessions, various courses, and *soon to come* Energy Healing Sessions. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me here

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The 3 Day Step Into Your Purpose Email Course includes:

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  • Day 3: Set Clear Goals & Create a Plan

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