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Hello!soul purpose guide Amanda

Welcome! I am Amanda, an Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide for the mamas and women of the world who are awakening to calling of their soul. I help you not only clarify your soul purpose & calling, but also help you create a business that aligns to your soul.

I am so glad you decided to stop by and transform your life in the process by pursuing your goals in a way that is in full alignment. I am excited to help you on your journey!

Let me tell you a little about myself. I currently reside in the beautiful, quiet state of South Dakota. My dreams revolve around helping all who are ready to find and pursue their passions, travel the world, live a life connected to nature, and show my children that anything is possible.

While I have big dreams, like we all do, I, too, became stuck in the everyday conundrum life of mediocrity. Working at a job that provided just enough, carting my kids around acting like barely seeing them is normal, feeling like a prisoner to the life I chose. Anyone else feel this way? If you do, I am sooo glad you decided to stop by. Let me tell you that living like a prisoner is NOT, I repeat, not normal in any way. We are meant to live our lives pursuing our passions. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to figure out what that passion is. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t figured it out yet. We all require different stages of learning, but we always get to where we need to go no matter how long it takes.

What made me realize that I am deeply passionate about helping women pursue their soul purpose, in a spiritual way is the fact that I have repeatedly been drawn to this field. Starting in high school I discovered I had a deep interest in Psychology. When I first attended college it was to pursue my Associates of Psychology, but I later decided to become a Veterinary Technician.

After becoming ill due to stress, I had to put an end to my job as a Veterinary Technician and bounced around from job to job for years after. I worked at a grocery store, a birthday party store, an optical center, a gas station, and most recently a bank. All within a 7 year time span.

After having my daughter I felt drawn aamanda intuitive soul puropse guidegain to really pursue my life purpose and completed my Associates of Psychology with the intent to complete my bachelor degree. It wasn’t until I considered the fact that I needed to create my own job that I put a stop to pursuing my degree any further. My life journey and passions themselves have given me the extensive knowledge I need to be able to assist others with their path in life.

As for the spiritual aspect of life, I have always been very drawn to energy. I enjoy learning about auras, crystals, oracle cards, numerology, palm reading, grounding, and other spiritual practices. I like to incorporate some of these practices into my teachings by helping others learn what energies they best connect with. I feel this provides guidance from the universe so we are working together to create the right life path for you.

My heart will always be centered towards helping you to pursue your dreams. Allow me to help you determine what your purpose is.

How can I help?

I currently provide support through my one-on-one 12 Weeks to Align Your life Program. You can find more information here.

In this program you will learn more on your interests and passions, how to clear out energy that no longer serves you, manifest what you desire, connect with your spirit guides, create more ease & flow within your business, and create a life that you are more aligned with.


I want you to experience what I have experienced…

  • have more time for the things you love
  • universal support and guidance
  • a permanent shift in the way you see yourself and all that life has to offer
  • super focused decision making and direction
  • and much more

You can have all of this. But, you need to just go for it. Get the clarity you need and deserve. 

If you feel called to ‘Step Into Your Purpose’ join the Society of Soul-led Purpose Seekers where you will receive:

  • a 3 day video email course on how to Step Into Your Purpose
  • a Full Moon and New Moon overview email each month
  • a monthly inspirational email to keep you feeling motivated & creative on your purpose filled journey

The 3 Day Step Into Your Purpose Email Course includes:

  • Day 1: Lose the Fear & Doubt
  • Day 2: Get Clear on What You Want & Learn to Follow Your Inner Guide
  • Day 3: Set Clear Goals & Create a Plan

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