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3 Types of Healing Music

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Music is something many people listen to for many different reasons. Some people use it to workout to, eat supper to, as entertainment for driving to work or for at work, but not many people know that music can be used to help heal.  Healing music is beneficial for healing your mind and your body.

About a year ago I came across a few different types of healing music. Listening to this type of music has brought me to a whole new level of myself. I feel more calm, happy, rested, and energized.

I feel a sense of urgency in sharing this type of music, because I know it will help you as much as it has helped me. So let’s get started!

3 Types of Healing Music

healing music

1.Binaural Beats

When I first started listening to healing music binaural beats was what I stumbled across. I am a person that is constantly trying to better myself in anyway that I can at every moment I can, so when I have to go sit at work for 10 hours each day I want something beneficial to occupy my mind and time. I researched music that would help to relax and heal my body.

You may be wondering how binaural beats help to heal your body.

When one tone is played in one ear and another tone is played in the other ear the brain creates a third, internal tone, that is best described as binaural beats. A synchronicity occurs with the brain waves from both hemispheres of the brain creating a deep focus which allows the body to listen to the tones with great intensity.

Because of this focus your body is better able to relax which in turn helps with stress relief, healing of pain, lessening symptoms, and more.

You may notice the first time you listen to these tones that you become very entranced with the music. This is normal and may even be your body’s way of saying that it is something you need to listen to. It’s kind of like a vitamin for your soul.

If you would like more information on binaural beats and how they work please visit this link.

Want to try some binaural beats out? Here’s the link to see what they all about. I hope you enjoy!


2. Reiki Tunes

Another great type of healing music to listen to is reiki tunes.

Reiki tunes are very similar to binaural beats in the fact that they are great to use for healing or relaxing in general. This type of music is characterized by a reiki practioner “charging” the music with their healing energy.

The tunes can be used for various aliments, stress, to relax, and more. The nice thing about these videos is that they can be short at about 5-10 minutes long where as the other types of healing music can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours long.

If you would like to see what these tunes are all about please click here.


3.Meditation Music

The final type of music is to help with meditation. Meditation music will help a person to focus on something beyond their thoughts, slow their breathing, and relax easier for a better meditation session.

When it comes to changing your life meditation can be a big factor in helping you to succeed. It will allow you to release the stress you don’t need to hold on to, teach you to be more patient, and help you find yourself when you don’t know who you are anymore. Meditation is a great tool to use each day or even weekly.

Why not enhance your mediation session by listening to some tunes? If you are interested in starting meditation or changing how you meditate click here for the different types of healing tunes available.


The best way to start changing your life is to heal yourself. Music has been the best way for me to complete this mission. Each of these tones will help to heal your mind which will in turn help to heal your body by helping you to relax, feel happier, and gain energy.

Try each one out to see what you like best. Let me know in the comments below what you like and what worked for you.

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